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    When the call came in late on Friday afternoon for an urgent collection from Aberdeen by same day courier for immediate delivery to Milford Haven we knew we’d need to pull out all the stops to meet the tight deadline.

    With all the local couriers weary after a long week on the road and with none who could legally have driven for a further 10 hours to carry out the delivery we called on the extensive resources of our national network to assist.

    Using same-day couriers from four different members of our same day courier network, coordinated from Anywhere Sameday’s Warrington Operations Centre, we completed the journey in a series of shorter relays, with handovers made at service stations, timed to the minute and with all the couriers driving within safe (and legal) limits.

    Because we’d eliminated the need for fuel and rest stops the delivery was actually achieved well ahead of schedule and additionally all the couriers involved were able to sleep in their own beds that night. A successful end to the week for all of us!

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